Dusting Divas

Company Description

Cleaning Technician

Company Name Dusting Divas
Date Posted April 16, 2018
Category General Labor
Job Type Full-time
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Salary $10 Start; bonus eligible and performance raises every 6 mo


compensation: $10 start, performance evals every 6 months, weekly bonuses available, advance to $13/hr

Are you looking for an AWESOME job? Well, Dusting Divas can be that job! We offer a flexible schedule, an independent work environment where you are treated like an adult, and the ability to work full time or part time.

Cleaning houses is hard; we won't lie to you. However, what you might not know is that cleaning houses is REWARDING. You can make such a difference in the lives of the people you serve. Yes, we said serve, but we say that with respect because you have the opportunity to impact the day to day lives of families in our community.If you want a work environment like this:
1) Where the supervisors actually like and respect you?
2) Work with the best people who also have amazing cleaning skills and take pride in their work?
3) A company that accommodates your schedule, within reason (and with advanced notice), so you can spend time with your family when you need it most?
4) The ability to influence how many paid days off you earn (based on the number of houses you clean and your client's satisfaction scores).

Bottom line...you have a lot of influence over how many paid days off and your work schedule. We treat you like an adult, because you are an adult.

Take a look at what just a few of our ACTUAL CLIENTS say about the work that we do...

"You are seriously a life saver! We've never been happier with our cleaning service!!! :)))"
"It was so nice walking into a clean house after having guests over. There wasn't even any sign of all the play-doh that I'm sure was still scattered everywhere by the kids!"
"Thanks for the extra help while I'm recovering from my accident, very helpful and thoughtful."
"We love your service. Saves so much time for us to do other things."

So, recognition is great, but you still want to be paid, right? Take a look at our "Pay and Benefits" page to see why YOU should work at Dusting Divas:https://www.dusting-divas.com/hiring-divas/

The top 10 reasons to work for Dusting Divas:
1. No Nights, No Weekends
2. Weekly paychecks
3. We're flexible: we'll let you work part-time, just the hours kids are in school, or full-time. All we ask is it is consistent from week to week. We'll even hire for "fill-in" positions, meaning you work when you are available and we need help.
4. We're family oriented. You need off to go on a field trip or a school program? Sure, just give us adequate notice and we'll do our best to make that happen.
5. Start at $10/hr. With promotions, make up to $13/hr cleaning, plus bonuses.
6. Start earning points towards paid days off on day 1. Top performers earn 12 - 13 paid days off per year.
7. We're closed major holidays.
8. No matter if you make a mistake, we always treat you with respect. No bullying allowed!
9. Family oriented companies 2x/year.
10. Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses! We provide the opportunity, you provide the hustle.

Apply online at: https://www.dusting-divas.com/hiring-divas/